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10 Best VR 360 Degree Videos of All Time!

16.06.2021 | Автор: admin | Категория: Разное |

The development of digital technology has led to the emergence of a new type of shooting - in the 360-degree video format (you can also watch in helmets and VR glasses). High-resolution 3D footage for a deeply immersive experience. Here are 10 of the most impressive videos with the effect of the "real presence" of the viewer at the shooting location.

Several amazing and extremely rare natural phenomena are captured at the same time - the lunar eclipse and the northern lights. They were filmed from one point, in a snowy forest near a small town in Alaska. The ultra-high 8K resolution and 360-degree view provide an immersive experience.

A group of extreme sports enthusiasts in special winged suits conquer the heavens, filming it with a 360VR GoPro camera. The short video begins on the plane and ends with the successful deployment of the parachutes. At a certain moment, the girl literally "saddled" her companion in the air, showing a kind of "rodeo" high above the ground. 360 AND VR SHOOTING

Amazing and breathtaking 360-degree VR aerial combat footage filmed as documentary by a British BBC reporter. A combat helicopter hovers over the terrorist-captured city of Mosul and fires at their positions from the air. The camera flies smoothly over the ground and allows you to view the battlefield from any angle.

A terrible natural phenomenon is being filmed from a helicopter of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. A volcanic eruption is taking place in Kamchatka, a brave team of scientists with a crew of rescuers went for dizzying shots to show them to the whole world. The camera slowly circles around it at a high altitude, allowing you to enjoy the action in 360-degree video with the support of VR headsets.

Informative video about amazing historical finds in the Mongolian Gobi Desert. The video begins with a brief description of archaeological activity, then the viewer is transported to the museum, where the author of the video demonstrates exhibits that can be viewed in 360-degree VR mode, while the scientist talks about each of them.

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